what we stand for

Fascination and interest in qualitative research.

Teaching that is practically relevant.

Openess and critical reflection of your and our work.

An intense focus on your individual project and needs.


We are both social scientists working at the intersection of social sciences and medical research. We are familiar with both fields, now their differences but also the possibilites that derive from their conjunction.  Qualitative research methods are deployed if little or noting is known about a given topic. Especially in the field of Public Health Research, it is promising to apply them to bare processes, structures, needs and identify possible improvement actions.

Doing qualitative research in the medical context means working between two disciplines.

Qualitative research is still uncommon in medicine.

We were not aware of the fact that applying qualitative research methods would make us rather exotic, when we started working in medicine some years ago. Quantitative methods are still standard in many parts of medical research - qualitative methods come to attention just bit by bit. Small sample sizes, complicated literatur on qualitative methodology and the long process of learning these methods needed a lot of educational work but also lead to many fruitful dialogues.

We know that medical practicians often need to work under time pressure, and so do researchers. But we know from our own experiences that only accurate research leads to results that can serve people. We are honest: qualitative research is not useful to gain a lot of results in no time.

Qualitative research needs time.