• (focus) group discussions, interviews
  • ethnography and participant observation
  • qualitative content analysis
  • narrative analyses
  • intergrative hermeneutic analysis

we second you to |

  • find a leading question that fits qualitative methodology
  • choose appropriate methods that fit your leading question
  • develop questions for your interviews
  • learn and practise research methods
  • prepare your data for publication


Our modular concepts makes it possible for you to compose an offer that will fit your needs. If you choose several components, you are free to decide whether you would like to receive them as an en bloc training or at several meetings during the research process.


All components are offered both as workshops and coachings.

research design |

Which leading question (does not) fit a qualitative research design? What are potential follow-up questions? Which qualitative methods match your research project? What is a realistic schedule?

interview questions |

How do you transfer you leading question into inter- view questions? What is (in)appropriate wording? How many questions are reasonable? How do you structure your questions?

conducting interviews |

What are characteristics of qualitative interviews? How do you conduct interviews? What do you need to keep your mind on? How do you handle difficult situations?

conducting discussions |

What are characteristics of (focus) group discussions? How do you conduct (focus) group discussions? What do you need to keep your mind on? How do you handle difficult situations?

qualitative content analysis 1|

What are characteristics of qualitative content analysis? How do you prepare your data? How do you develop your categories from your data? How do construct a category system? How do you apply your category system to your remaining data?

qualitative content analysis 2 |

You have finished categorising your data - what next? How do you compare categories? Which further methods of data analysis would be useful?

publication |

How can you represent qualitative data? How do you choose appropriate quotes? Which styles of presentation match which style of publication?

something else? |

You are interested in other aspects or other methods than depicted in our examples? Please feel free to contact us!

All components listed above are examples of workshops and coachings that we offer standardly. We will send you a detailed schedule on demand. The exact content of each workshop or coaching depends on the needs and the state of knowledge of the participant(s) and will be finetuned during the first contact.